Internal Doors

Welcome to website. Our aim is to provide you with plenty of informations regarding different kinds of internal doors. Here you can find details about different types, materials, sizes, shapes, colors and quality. Feel free to navigate through our website.

Different types

This page will tell you everyting about internal doors. There’s a wide variety of manufacturers all over the world, so we will surely make things easier for you. The first question you have to ask yourself is what kind of doors do you want. You can find all the informations about the types right here on this website:

What to choose?

Probably the decision isn’t as easy as it seems at first sight. Depends on your budget, you can choose between different internal doors. For sure they should be made of high quality materials, because you do not plan to change them often. Probably, once your interior doors get installed, they will stay there for at least 20 years. The next thing you care about is design. You can go with the proven method and decide for wooden, most likely oak internal doors, or you can be a bit more creative and choose the glazed ones.

Wooden or uPVC interior doors?

There are plenty of companies online which allow you to design internal doors the way you like. Not only you are able to choose between different types and shapes, you can also decide for different materials. The most common interior doors are made of wood, but nowadays uPVC material is getting more and more popular. That is not hard to understand, because uPVC is more durable than wood. Another uPVC advantage over wood is, that uPVC internal doors are available in different colors. You can combine them well with your walls and furniture and they are also much easier to maintain. But on the other hand, wooden interior doors can be stylish and higly attracted too. Besides, they are more eco-friendly than uPVC doors and there are plenty of different wood types you can choose from.

Consider the following factors

When buying interior doors, do not forget to consider factors such as cost, material, thermal and sound insulation, color, glazing, door handles, and nevertheless the doors’ complete look. The most common material used to produce internal door is wood, followed by other materials such as aluminum, PVC and glass. If you do not find suitable doors online, you can always ask your local carpentry companies to produce custom internal doors. The price will probably be a bit higher, but your wishes will be taken into account. So, before making an investment, do not forget to think about the following factors:

Cost: Normally better quality means higher price, but rather check twice that the materials really are high quality.

Material: There’s a wide range of materials you can choose from (many kinds of wood, pvc, upvc, glass, aluminium, composite…)

Thermal and noise insulation: You can find internal doors with advanced insulation. You can also take care of that matter by yourself. Surf the web or check youtube videos to find out how.

Color: What’s your favorite color? Would it fit to your home interior? There are plenty of options regarding colors. If you decide for PVC doors, you can usually choose from RAL color palette.

Glazing: You can pick between transparent and opaque glass. Also consider patterned glass and be sure that it is solid. For better insulation you can even choose internal doors with double glazing.